How It Works/ Hur det Fungerar

Initial Consultation

We will get together by the means that works the best for you. We can consult over the phone, by email, through Skype, over FaceTime, etc. During this consultation we will identify your needs and decide which type of service works best for your company. We will agree on a schedule for services and communication.

The goal of this conversation is for both of us to have complete understanding of the needs to be addressed and the ways in which to address them.


We can provide retroactive bookkeeping services, as well as setup bookkeeping software. The most efficient way to complete virtual bookkeeping in the United States is through Quickbooks Online. The most efficient way to compete virtual bookkeeping in Sweden is through either Zenconomy or Visma. However, these programs are not the only way and we are aligned to complete tasks by way of any bookkeeping software as well as through any remote utility.

For those in Sweden, we are able to work together if you are setup only with paper bookkeeping (kassabok).

Ongoing Services and Updates

We manage your books while you focus on the hands on tasks of your business.

Updates and reports are provided at a time in which you see fit. All necessary business financial reports will be created for you. If needed, we can consult with you for interpretation, explanation and advice.

We will maintain the level of communication that you see fit.